Meet our awesome team

Meet our Australian-based team, where each member brings over five years of experience to your project. Since 2016, we have dedicated ourselves to partnering with top Australian businesses and government organisations to create software products that bring about positive change.


Meet the minds behind Airteam. Rich and Patrick, both graduates of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, are at the helm, charting the course for innovation, growth, and client-centric excellence. They are hands-on in ensuring your project is a success every step of the way.

Design & research

Our LUMA-certified design team bring decades of expertise helping clients design impactful software. Taking a human-centred design approach, they can take your project from idea to reality.

Engineering & development

Our engineering and development team are here to turn your ideas into robust digital solutions. Our certified and experienced team bring a wealth of diverse technological expertise to your project.

Project delivery

Our dedicated delivery team is the backbone of project success. They're your partners in project management, ensuring seamless communication, timely milestones, and a stress-free experience.

Culture & marketing

Our culture and marketing teams work skillfully in the background, doing the important work of people operations and digital marketing. Helping us grow our team, create a great place to be, and attract new clients.

Our values

Our team lives and breathes our values. We chose these values together creating our shared view of how Airteamers should be. They ground us, inspire us and help us make decisions every day.

Do the right thing

We value good humans and relationships.

Build a strong team

We value highly effective teams and recognise this is how we get best results.

Focus on outcomes

We value doing meaningful work.

Strive for better

We value the best approach to getting things done and continual learning.