Elevating the digital experience for health insurance

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11 Jan 2022
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Hunter Health Insurance modernised its member services using Airteam's digital member services portal. This led to a smooth transition, enhanced the member experience, and set the stage for future innovations.

Introducing Hunter Health Insurance

Hunter Health Insurance is a not-for-profit regional health fund dedicated to offering affordable healthcare coverage. They serve a wide range of sectors, including agriculture and retail. Committed to transparent, high-quality service, Hunter Health Insurance provides its members with top-notch care and excellent value for their money.

A need for modernisation in digital member services

Hunter Health faced a crucial decision to update their outdated member services portal when it reached its end-of-life.  They were spurred to find a solution that is not only modern and easy to use but also familiar to their current members. Their main challenges were:

1. Outdated System: The old portal was cumbersome and lacked the modern features that members expect.

2. Modern Yet Familiar: Hunter Health aimed to adopt new technology without unsettling their existing users.

3. Unique Requirements: They needed a system flexible enough to accommodate their special way of calculating benefits, without compromising ease of use. 

Their objective was clear: find a modern and intuitive solution, familiar enough to ensure a seamless transition for their members.

Hunter Health finds future-ready solution with Airteam

To find a more advanced and user-friendly digital platform, Hunter Health undertook a comprehensive market analysis, engaging with multiple potential suppliers. They had strict criteria: the platform needed to be clean, intuitive, and adaptable to their unique product suite and benefit calculation methods.

Airteam stood out for several key reasons:

Responsive design

Our award-winning platform ensures a seamless experience across devices.

Tailored experience

Designed with the flexibility required to meet Hunter Health's unique benefit calculation and product suite, our platform offers a customised user experience.

Ease of transition

Our hands-on approach from start to finish removed any roadblocks, ensuring a seamless transition for Hunter Health and its members.

​​Security and compliance

The portal was built with robust security measures to ensure the protection of members' data. It is in alignment with APRA CPS 234 and meets APRA’s MFA requirements. Airteam also has ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, to ensure end-to-end protection of our systems and data. 


As Hunter Health evolves, our platform will adapt, ensuring longevity and relevance in a rapidly changing digital world.

Hunter Health CEO, Melissa Ralph, said, "The things that appealed on the initial presentation of the solution were its clean design, intuitive nature, and the ability to tailor it for what we have in our product suite."

Our platform not only resolved Hunter Health’s immediate challenges but also positioned them for future growth and innovation.

Transforming Hunter Health's member experience

Our partnership with Hunter Health brought immediate and impactful results:

Enhanced member experience

Members praised the new platform for its ease of navigation and professional look, enhancing their overall experience.

Smooth onboarding

One of the most telling indicators of the platform's success was the quietness of its launch. The lack of issues and queries signalled a seamless transition for members. As Melissa Ralph noted, "The best feedback you get is when you have none on day one." 

Alignment with brand identity

The new platform aligns closely with Hunter Health's brand identity, providing a unified and fluid experience from their main website to the member services portal. 

Future-ready platform

The adaptable and responsive design positions Hunter Health to easily meet future digital challenges and opportunities.

Melissa Ralph summed it up, "Members have told us it's easier to get around, looks better, feels better, and is far more professional."


Our work with Hunter Health not only solved their immediate challenges but also set them on a course for ongoing digital excellence.

Elevate your health fund with Airteam's proven digital solutions

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