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A laptop screen showing our software prototype for Service NSW.

Take the first step with a UX prototype

Bring a new idea to life, or solve an existing problem, by creating a rapid prototype informed by user-experience expertise.

The final output will depend on your needs - it could be a development-ready prototype, a user-testing tool, or some sizzle for your investment pitch.

What is a UX prototype?

A UX prototype is a bit like a blueprint for a building. Just as you wouldn't start constructing a building without a well-thought-out plan, a UX prototype gives you a visual and interactive model of your app or website before writing any code. It's a hands-on way to explore your idea, highlighting how the final product will look and function. This allows you and your team to test concepts, catch potential issues early on, and gather valuable feedback.

With a UX prototype, you're not just imagining how your product might work; you're seeing it in action. It's a powerful way to validate your idea and move confidently into development, sell your product to investors, or test market viability.

An ipad showing the UX prototype created for Rockmelon.

Why we recommend you create an app prototype

Ensure that your product meets customers needs and expectations before you invest in development. Your prototype will allow you to test your product’s usability and functionality, get user feedback, and make changes before you invest in full development.

Get your app to market faster

Reduce the time it takes to get to market with product validation and refinement.

Reduce product risk

Identify errors, product failures, or usability issues early on before development.

Make better decisions

Get a clearer understanding of the product’s features and then make improvements.

Get stakeholder engagement

Take your team along on the journey with interactive representations of the product.

Reduce development costs

Test and refine your product features before investing in full development.

Validate assumptions

Use prototypes to validate product assumptions with user feedback.

See how we transformed an idea into an investor-ready platform

We took Flockk on a journey to rapidly design a new investment platform - taking a high- level concept from an idea to a tangible interactive prototype in under two weeks, allowing them to beat competition to investment.

"The prototype enabled us to have prospective conversations with clients and investors. We were able to go out there and speak to clients and investors." - Brad Delamare - Co-founder at Flockk

Two mobile screens showing an app prototype we created for Flockk.
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Why choose Airteam?

Since 2016, Airteam have been crafting software solutions for businesses like yours, from top ASX 100 companies to ambitious startups.

Our Australian-based team, trained and certified by AWS and LUMA, specialises in unravelling complex technical issues into simple, elegant solutions.

With quality and security standards accredited by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, we stand ready to be your reliable partner, adapting and delivering to ensure your long-term success.

A mobile screen showcasing the app we created for DHF.

Our app prototyping approach

Your vision is our blueprint. We begin by transforming your idea into a practical plan, ensuring you're involved every step of the way. Our focused sprint approach keeps the process short and impactful, with your input shaping each crucial milestone. This collaboration guarantees a prototype that's not just a visualisation of your concept, but a real-world, actionable solution.

Proudly collaborative, we foster a process that's built on trust and adaptability, turning your ideas into prototypes and your prototypes into your intellectual property. This foundation paves the way for your future innovation, ensuring what we create together sets you up for the next phase of your digital journey.

What to expect next: from idea to app prototype

Depending on your needs, we’ll structure this design sprint to cater to your end requirements - ranging from flashy concepts that can be pitched or tested, to a considered design that’s ready for build. No matter our final output, there’s always room for further consideration (and full development) later down the line.

User personas


User personas help us grasp user requirements and scenarios, forming a clear picture of our target audience and their needs.

Visual market scan


A visual market scan broadens our perspective, creating a mood board of inspirations.

Feature ideation


Feature ideation lets us expand on core functionalities, ensuring our product stands out.

Conceptual designs


Conceptual designs evolve from rapid sketches, providing a low-fidelity foundation to solidify your idea.



Finally, the clickable prototype integrates all these outputs into a tangible concept with demonstrable functionality, facilitating user testing, investor pitches, or a transition into development to bring it into reality (we can help with that too!).

Let's create a better future

"Thank you for considering Airteam as your partner in innovation. Your vision, coupled with our expertise in software development, UX design, and project management, sets the stage for a remarkable journey. We relish the opportunity to translate your vision into a digital masterpiece, aligning your business needs with our shared values."

Rich & Patrick, Co-CEOs

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