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Enhancing the student experience

Custom education software empowers your institution to provide a tailored, efficient, and engaging learning experience.

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Deliver personalised education

Access real-time student data. Enable your educators to make informed decisions quickly, and improve curriculum, teaching plans, and student achievements.

Ensure consistent progress

Don’t let educational milestones go unattended. Make it easy to track student progress and send automated reminders, for academic excellence.

Engage with students

Use web portals, mobile apps, or chatbots to make it easy for students to access their coursework and academic records, and communicate with your educational institution.

Improve learning access

Help your students with innovative educational capabilities. Facilitate remote learning and monitor progress for timely academic intervention with integrated educational tools.

For better institutional outcomes

Custom software development can improve not only student outcomes but also the efficiency and effectiveness of your educational institution.

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Discover tailored solutions

Realise operational efficiencies by automating manual processes, from administrative tasks to student services. Streamline processes and optimise administrative work.

Ensure compliance

Guarantee the security of student data and ensure your institution's compliance with educational regulations. Develop software that adheres to your educational standards.

Make data-driven decisions

Make strategic decisions based on real-time data with custom analytics and reporting tools. Ensure seamless and secure data exchange between educational platforms.

Stay ahead in education

Invest in your institution's growth with custom software. Keep ahead of technological advancements and develop a competitive edge in the field of education.

A few custom education solutions we've created

We have extensive experience creating user-friendly and accessible education solutions. Explore some of our custom software offerings, each backed by case studies below.

Laptop screen showcasing our educational platform for Amplify.

E-learning platforms for students

We build dynamic learning platforms that drive student engagement. Discover the advantages of a tailor-made educational portal, precisely designed to cater to your distinct needs and deliver seamless experiences to your students.

A tablet showcasing our learning platform we developed for Rockmelon.

Applications for adult learners

We create innovative and interactive educational solutions that engage learners. Our custom educational software enhances the learning experience, promotes knowledge retention, and improves learning outcomes.

Three mobile screens showcasing our platform development for George Health.

Operational software for educators

We design and develop technology solutions for educators. We understand the transformative potential of user-friendly, culturally-sensitive solutions and enjoy taking a cross-cultural approach to our creation process.

Two screengrabs showcasing our user research process for Macquarie University.

UX research for universities

We design educational solutions tailored for universities. Benefit from enhanced student engagement, streamlined administrative processes, increased student satisfaction, and improved operational efficiency.

Two images in a collage one of AWS logo and another of an Airteam developer working on their laptop.Airteam's ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification badge

A certified educational software development company

Our commitment to data security and excellence in education software development is evidenced by our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Choose a government-approved partner

We're an authorised supplier on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme, showcasing our dedication to government excellence. As an approved seller on the BuyICT marketplace, we're your trusted choice for tailored digital solutions.

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Australia’s preferred education software development partner

From educational institutions and government support services to research organisations and startups, we bring a wealth of industry experience to your project in the education sector.

Tailored solutions for your educational needs

Every educational institution is unique, and so are its challenges and goals. At Airteam, we don't provide one-size-fits-all solutions; we craft custom software, apps, and design & development solutions to address your specific needs. Here are just a few examples of how we can assist you:

Learning management systems

Create a customised learning management system that fits your curriculum, streamlines content delivery, and enhances student engagement.

E-learning platforms

Develop interactive e-learning platforms with multimedia content, quizzes, and progress tracking to enrich the online learning experience.

Mobile learning apps

Build mobile apps that enable students to access course materials, submit assignments, and engage in discussions anytime, anywhere.

Student portals

Design user-friendly student portals for easy access to grades, schedules, and academic resources, fostering a seamless learning experience.

Data analytics for education

Leverage data analytics to gain insights into student performance, behaviour, and learning patterns, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Hear from our education clients

We have worked with many of Australia's top educational institutes and government support organisations. Airteam an approved supplier on the NSW Government ICT services scheme and an approved seller on the DTA digital marketplace.

"Professional, courteous, flexible and exceptionally collaborative. Airteam work very closely with our internal teams, align with our HCD Process and managed their deadlines to suit our project schedules and responded readily with any left-field requests."

Kevin Raccani

Macquarie University

“At all stages, Airteam's goal was to tease out exactly what we were looking for and how the workflow would be implemented 'on the ground'. This led to a final design which was attractive, modern and accurately reflected how our product would be used by our end-users.”

Ruth Webster

The George Institute

We support education businesses like yours

Our design and development teams have helped some of Australia's top educational organisations create custom software that improves their student's lives. We can do the same for you.


Primary schools

Online learning platforms

Educational publishers

Adult learning organisations

Government education departments

Education associations

Research organisations


Short course providers

Education support services

Have a few more questions?

Check out some of our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with us to find out more.

How does Airteam ensure the security and privacy of student data?

As a company committed to data security, Airteam holds ISO 27001 certification, ensuring the highest standards of information security management. We design all education software with stringent security protocols to protect student data and ensure compliance with educational regulations.

Does Airteam offer ongoing support and maintenance for educational software?

Yes, we provide comprehensive support and maintenance services post-deployment, ensuring that the software continues to function optimally and stays updated with the latest technological advancements.

How long does it typically take to develop a custom educational software solution?

The development timeline can vary based on the project's complexity and scope. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and provide a realistic timeline at the outset of the project.

How does Airteam address accessibility in educational software?

Accessibility is a top priority for us. We design educational software that is inclusive and compliant with WCAG standards, ensuring that all students have equal access to educational resources.

Can Airteam integrate software with existing educational systems?

Absolutely. Our team is adept at creating seamless integrations between custom software and existing educational platforms, facilitating smooth data exchange and enhancing overall system efficiency.

What types of educational institutions has Airteam worked with?

Our experience spans a broad range of educational settings, including universities, online learning platforms, educational publishers, and government education departments, among others.

What sets Airteam apart from other software development companies in the education sector?

Airteam's unique blend of technical expertise, commitment to human-centred design, and deep understanding of the education sector sets us apart. We’re not just developers; we’re partners in crafting digital solutions that empower educational institutions.

How does Airteam ensure the scalability of educational software solutions?

We design and build educational software with scalability in mind, using modular architecture that allows for easy expansion and adaptation as the institution grows and its needs evolve.