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Your app idea’s journey starts here

Transform your app idea into a tangible product with our 'Idea to Version One' service. 

From the inception of your concept to the creation of a functional app, we guide your idea through a well-structured, 13-week journey. The outcome is a ‘Version One’ product – your idea's first complete, user-focused digital iteration, ready to evolve based on real-world feedback and usage.

What is a ‘version one’?

‘Version one’ refers to the initial version of a software product that is ready for use by end-users. It's the first complete iteration that has the core functionality needed to solve the user's problem or meet their needs.

It's a finished piece, but not the end of the journey, as it will likely be refined and enhanced based on the user's reactions and feedback. It is typically followed by further updates and improvements as users provide feedback, or as new requirements or features are identified.

A mobile screen depicting the app we created for Service NSW.

Give your users the product they need

Receive a fully functioning, user-centred digital product built from your initial idea, all within a 13-week timeframe.

Get your idea to market faster

Work with us on a thirteen week sprint to get your product in front of users fast.

Differentiate your brand

Stay ahead of the competition, create something unique and add value to your users.

Get stakeholder engagement

Take your team, investors, or stakeholders along on the journey by getting version one in front of them.

Make better decisions

Get a clearer understanding of the product’s core features and then make improvements.

Reduce risk and errors

Work with us to identify errors, product failures, or usability issues early on before development.

Get to market faster

Reduce the time it takes to get to market with quicker product validation and refinement.

Turning visionary ideas into digital realities

Through our 'Idea to Version One' process, we worked closely with Amplify to understand their unique requirements, iteratively develop, and rigorously test the software. The result was a user-centric learning platform that is now being used in schools across Australia.

A laptop screen depicting Amplify learning platform developed by Airteam.
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Why choose Airteam?

Since 2016, Airteam have been crafting software solutions for businesses like yours, from top ASX 100 companies to ambitious startups.

Our Australian-based team, trained and certified by AWS and LUMA, specialises in unravelling complex technical issues into simple, elegant solutions.

With quality and security standards accredited by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, we stand ready to be your reliable partner, adapting and delivering to ensure your long-term success.

A mobile screen showcasing the app we created for DHF.

Our development approach

Idea to version one is a streamlined and transparent process that results in a brand new digital product in just 13 weeks. 

We purposefully blend software development, human-centred design, and project management to construct your ‘version one’ - a robust, real-world embodiment of your initial idea. It's your vision, lovingly translated into a functional software.

We provide a scope of work which provides a cost breakdown and resourcing plan for your project.

Idea to version one in just 13 weeks

Get guidance through every step of the process, unravelling complex problems to create bespoke solutions that align with your goals. You'll be equipped with a straightforward timeline, ensuring you're in the loop without any unnecessary complexity. Regular meetings aren't just about showing progress; they're about inviting your input and fostering a partnership, prioritising trust, quality, and long- term success.

Phase One

2 weeks

UX & tech discovery, designs created

• UX workshop
• Design reviews

Phase Two

10 weeks

Iterative development and testing in 2-week sprints

• Stand-up
• Sprint retrospective
• Sprint planning session
• Technical workshops

Phase Three

1 week

Deployment to AWS, final testing & go-live

• Testing session
• Handover

Let's create a better future

"Thank you for considering Airteam as your partner in innovation. Your vision, coupled with our expertise in software development, UX design, and project management, sets the stage for a remarkable journey. We relish the opportunity to translate your vision into a digital masterpiece, aligning your business needs with our shared values."

Rich & Patrick, Co-CEOs

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