Laura Zucchetti

Head of Crew & Culture


What's your workplace passion?

People, of course! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing people succeed and thrive in work and life. I love putting people at the heart of our processes, rituals, and communications, and I obsess about getting this right!

What are your personal passions?

I love my sourdough baking, but more recently I've been learning more about sustainable houses, retrofitting, climate, and community resilience - I can talk about this all day!

What Airteam value do you identify with most and why?

‘Do the right thing’ is probably the closest to my heart and is woven into my every day. We can't build a great company without this!

If you could have anyone in the world join Airteam, who would it be and why?

Richard Ayoade! He’s a comedy genius and I’d love him to run our monthly team meeting and deliver Airteam headlines, highlights, and run a round of countdown with us.

What makes your pet a valued member of Airteam?

Oh, how I want to join the pet club! My daughter adopts pet snails from our garden in lieu of a dog (allergy issues!). Luckily, I know a lot of dogs and live close to fellow Airteamer Nick Simpson and get to hang out with his dog, Macc.