Nick Simpson

Head of UX


What's your workplace passion?

Helping to creatively solve problems in meaningful ways.

What are your personal passions?

I always lean toward creativity or creation; some of my personal joys are cooking, making music, and photography.

What Airteam value do you identify with most and why?

‘Do the right thing', as it’s a guiding principle to ensure we’re doing things for the right reasons, and that we considerately create things in pursuit of betterment.

If you could have anyone in the world join Airteam, who would it be and why?

Alan Cooper or Luke Wroblewski. I’ve always found their insights into UX fascinating.

What makes your pet a valued member of Airteam?

My greyhound, Macc, is the source of constant chill vibes, and is an instant (and enviable) reservoir of relaxation.