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Enhancing the patron experience

Custom software empowers your arts and recreation business to provide a tailored, efficient, and engaging experience for your patrons.

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Personalised engagement

Access real-time data on patron preferences. Enable your team to make informed decisions quickly, improve event planning, and enhance the overall patron experience.

Streamlined experiences

Ensure that patrons don't miss any event highlights. Make it easy to track event schedules, offer automated reminders, and deliver unforgettable experiences.

Seamless interaction

Use web portals, mobile apps, or chatbots to make it easy for patrons to access event details, purchase tickets, and engage with your business.

Accessibility and innovation

Help your patrons access innovative features and experiences. Facilitate remote engagement and monitor event progress with integrated digital tools.

For better business outcomes

Custom software development can improve not only the patron experience but also the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

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Tailored solutions

Realise operational efficiencies by automating manual processes, from ticketing and reservations to event management. Streamline operations and optimise administrative work.

Regulatory compliance

Guarantee the security of patron data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Develop software that aligns with your business standards.

Data-driven insights

Make strategic decisions based on real-time data with custom analytics and reporting tools. Ensure seamless and secure data exchange between event platforms.

Staying ahead

Invest in your business’s growth with custom software. Stay ahead of technological advancements and gain a competitive edge in the arts and recreation industry.

A few custom arts and recreation solutions we've created

We have extensive experience crafting user-friendly and immersive arts and recreation solutions. Explore some of our custom software offerings, each supported by case studies below.

Laptop screen showcasing our work for Museums of History NSW.

Arts and culture portals

We design user-friendly portals for patrons to explore arts and culture. These portals offer easy access to event details, schedules, and interactive content. Create your own to showcase your work and drive engagement.

Two photos showcasing our user research for Val Morgan.

User research in arts & entertainment

We don’t just develop new software, we help to validate whether they’re the best product for your audience. Make sure your investing your time and money wisely and building a digital solution that your users will love.

A laptop screen with our learning platform for Amplify on the monitor.

Fun and educational platforms

We create educational platforms for businesses in the arts and entertainment space, encouraging people to engage and learn. Build a platform that encourages your audience to learn about your business.

Two screenshots depicting our user research for Macquarie University.

Map your user journey

Understanding your audience and their user journey will ensure your digital platform is truly customised to their needs. From event finding and booking to online chat and ticket scanning, we can help map and improve your customer experience.

Two images in a collage one of AWS logo and another of an Airteam developer working on their laptop.Airteam's ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certification badge

A certified software development company

Our commitment to data security and excellence in software development is evidenced by our ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications.

Choose a government-approved partner

We're an authorised supplier on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme, showcasing our dedication to government excellence. As an approved seller on the BuyICT marketplace, we're your trusted choice for tailored digital solutions.

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Australia’s preferred software development partner

From museums to sports and recreations businesses, we bring a wealth of industry experience to your project in the arts and recreation sector.

Tailored solutions for arts and recreation

Every arts and recreation organisation is unique, and so are its challenges and goals. At Airteam, we don't provide one-size-fits-all solutions; we craft custom software, apps, and design & development solutions to address your specific needs. Here are just a few examples of how we can assist you:

Event planning and management software

Create a customised event planning and management system that aligns with your needs, streamlines operations, and enhances patron engagement.

Mobile ticketing solutions

Develop mobile ticketing apps that offer patrons a seamless and secure way to purchase tickets and access events.

Arts and culture portals

Design portals that provide patrons easy access to event information, schedules, and interactive content, enhancing their experience.

Analytics and marketing tools

Leverage data analytics to gain insights into patron behaviour and preferences, enabling data-driven decision-making and effective event marketing.

Hear from our clients

We've collaborated with various arts and recreation organisations to enhance their digital presence.

"Professional, courteous, flexible and exceptionally collaborative. Airteam work very closely with our internal teams, align with our HCD Process and managed their deadlines to suit our project schedules and responded readily with any left-field requests."

Kevin Raccani

Macquarie University

"If you are sitting on a product concept, want to develop prototypes or MVPs as we were, I would highly recommend Airteam."

Stuart Suthern-Brunt


"Airteam offer a raft of services, including customer research and design, backed by data and customer testing. Our engagement with Airteam was very positive, with their staff coming up-to-speed very quickly and really adding value in gathering and understanding customer insights.”

Mandy Rogers

New South Wales Government - TfNSW

“I had the pleasure of contracting Airteam. Super responsive and they delivered on time and well within budget. Being located in different states didn't present an issue either.”

Nicola Cowen


“At all stages, Airteam's goal was to tease out exactly what we were looking for and how the workflow would be implemented 'on the ground'. This led to a final design which was attractive, modern and accurately reflected how our product would be used by our end-users.”

Ruth Webster

The George Institute

We support businesses like yours

Our design and development teams have helped a wide range of arts and recreation organisations create custom software to enrich patron experiences. We can do the same for you.

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Historical sites


Performing arts

Spectator sports

Recreational facilities

Have a few more questions?

Check out some of our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with us to find out more.

What makes Airteam different from other software development companies in the arts and recreation space?

Airteam stands out due to our deep commitment to understanding the unique needs of our client’s businesses. Our approach combines creativity with technology, ensuring our solutions are not only innovative but also deeply aligned with the goals of our clients.

What is Airteam's approach to designing user-friendly interfaces for diverse audiences?

Our design team members are all LUMA-certified, taking a human-centred design approach that centres around inclusivity and ease of use. We can conduct extensive user research to understand the diverse needs of your audience, creating interfaces that are intuitive, engaging, and accessible to all.

Can Airteam help in digitising traditional arts and recreation activities?

Yes, we have experience digitising traditional activities, transforming them into engaging digital experiences. Our solutions respect the essence of the activity while leveraging technology to expand its reach and appeal.

What kind of support does Airteam offer for software scalability?

We design our software to be scalable, supporting your business growth. Our team provides ongoing support and technical advice to ensure the software adapts to your changing needs.

How does Airteam handle project management and communication during software development?

We prioritise clear and consistent communication throughout the project lifecycle. Our project management approach is agile and transparent, ensuring you're kept informed and involved at every stage.

How does Airteam ensure the security of online ticketing and reservation systems?

We implement the highest security standards, including encryption and secure payment gateways, to protect user data and transactions. Our systems are regularly audited and updated to ensure the utmost security and compliance with industry regulations.

How does Airteam address accessibility in software design?

Accessibility is a key focus in our design process. We adhere to WCAG standards, ensuring our software is accessible to users with different abilities, providing an inclusive experience for everyone.

Can Airteam integrate social media features into our arts and recreation platform?

Yes, we can seamlessly integrate social media functionalities, enabling users to share experiences, connect with others, and enhance community engagement around your platform.