Web portal software

Need a web portal for your customers, partners, or service users? Our ready-to-adapt web portal software can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

Laptop and mobile screen showcasing our work for Hunter Health.

Tried and trusted web portal software tailorable to your business

Leveraging our years of experience in portal design and development, we offer web portal solutions that are secure, scalable, and adaptable. Our solutions extend seamlessly to mobile apps, ensuring a consistent user experience across both web and mobile platforms.

We prioritise the user experience, ensuring smooth integration with your existing systems and seamless functionality across all devices. We focus on intuitive navigation, robust security, and responsive design to keep users engaged. Leveraging best practices, our web portal software enhances engagement, streamlines operations, and provides valuable analytics.

Web portal software benefits

Enable your users with access to resources and streamlined communication through our secure, scalable web portal. Designed for superior navigation and greater user engagement.

User experience

Deliver a personalised, intuitive, and accessible interface that caters to your users needs.

Customised features

Customise your web portal to fit your specific requirements with full tailorability.


Use software that keeps costs down and is designed to grow alongside your business.

Centralise access

Offer a single point of access for your communications, resources, and services.

Increase productivity

Automate routine tasks and provide efficient tools to reduce administrative load.

Cost efficiency

Reduce operational costs by consolidating functions and utilising automation.

System integration

Ensure your web portal integrates perfectly within your existing software ecosystem.

Security and compliance

Minimise downtime and protect user data by leveraging serverless architecture.

Feature sets to suit your business

Prioritise feature inclusions based on your specific business model, industry, and the unique challenges you face. With our software you have the flexibility to pick and choose the functionality you need. Have a feature requirement not mentioned? No problem, our solutions allow the flexibility to build out additional bespoke features and functionality. Chat to us to book a discovery session and discuss your specific needs.

Authentication and security
Content management
Communication tools
Customisable user interfaces
Self-service capabilities
Document management
Integration capabilities
Analytics and reporting
Access control
Collage of images showcasing Airteam's team and 4.9 star Google rating and Good Design Award.
Good Design Award and Google 4.9 Star Rating.

Australian-based designers and developers

Our award-winning team of designers and developers bring decades of experience to your project. We hold ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications and are an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Trained and certified by AWS and LUMA, our Australian-based team specialises in unravelling complex technical issues into simple, elegant solutions.

How we work with you

We’ve honed the design and development process already so you can get set up with an intuitive, simple but entirely customisable web portal solution quickly.

Understanding your business

We begin by learning about your users, your environment, and your goals. Ensuring you end up with a seamless integration that meets yours and your users needs.

Creating intuitive experiences

Our design phase focuses on creating a custom interface for your users. We ensure that your end-users will find your software accessible, easy to use, and visually appealing.

Building robust solutions

Our developers will implement the solution. Here we ensure any customisation takes place so that the end solution meets the specific needs of your business.

Ensuring ongoing success

Our commitment to your project doesn’t end at launch. We can provide maintenance and support services including regular updates and performance monitoring.

Advanced technology stack for web portals

We use leading-edge technologies to underpin our web portal solutions, ensuring they are secure, scalable, and user-friendly. We’ve built the technological foundation from which your web portal can be customised, allowing you to get your project off the ground faster without compromising on functionality. This approach not only accelerates development time but also delivers significant cost efficiencies.

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Web portal development success stories

Check out how our web portals have transformed some of Australia’s leading organisations.

Three mobile screens showcasing our member services portal app development project.

Doctors’ Health Fund member services portal

Using human-centred design and a collaborative co-design approach, we developed a Good Design Australia award-winning web portal for Doctors’ Health Fund. The solution has improved security, reliability, and ease of use, and contributed to a reported uptick in member satisfaction according to their annual survey.

A laptop screen showcasing our learning platform for Amplify.

Amplify's education web portal

We transformed music education with Amplify, an EdTech startup, by creating a web portal that integrates high-quality video content with intuitive lesson plans. Our solution enables primary school teachers to deliver engaging music lessons effortlessly, meeting curriculum needs across Australia.

"Airteam, through their UX and Agile Development processes, successfully harnessed the knowledge and experience of our people and translated that into an environment where our members have better access to information and services in an intuitive and visually appealing portal. We have been impressed both by Airteam’s professionalism and their willingness and ability to take complex problems and create innovative solutions."
Headshot of Andy Philips the COO at Doctors' Health Fund.

Andy Philips

Chief Operating Officer at Doctors’ Health Fund

Web portal solutions for your industry

We can implement web portals for businesses across a broad range of industries. Check out some of the use cases below.


Enable Australians to easily access government services, forms, and resources through a centralised web portal that simplifies interactions with public service providers.


Hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers can use our web portal solutions to offer patients secure access to personal health records, resources, and services.


Educational institutes can leverage our web portal solutions to give students, faculty and staff access to academic resources, course materials and admin functions.

Professional services

Law firms, consultancy agencies, accounting firms, and more can use portals to facilitate access to documents, services and communication tools.

Partnering with Australia’s leading organisations

We support businesses making a positive difference in the lives of their users. We have strong domain experience in healthcare, education, finance and government. We are an authorised supplier on the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme, an approved seller on the BuyICT marketplace, and the principal digital partner of the Members Health Fund Alliance.

Let’s shape the future together

Ready to implement a web portal that works seamlessly for your organisation? Great! Get in touch today and one of our friendly team members will give you a call to answer any questions you may have and to learn more about your needs before we scope out your requirements.

The next steps when working with Airteam.

Frequently asked questions

Check out some of our frequently asked questions below or get in touch with us to find out more.

Get in touch
What are the benefits of using Airteam’s web portal solution?

With our solutions you get the best of both worlds. Starting with the pre-built foundations, we tailor our software solutions to fit your needs. Meaning you walk away with a custom product that offers many of the time and cost benefits of an out-of-the-box solution.

Can you estimate how long it will take to implement my web portal solution?

This will vary depending on the complexity of your technical set-up, plus any additional feature set requirements you may have. While a basic implementation might take just a few weeks, a complex implementation will take longer. If you would like to talk to us about your exact needs we can provide a timeline estimate.

Can my web portal solution be integrated with my current systems?

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of our solutions is the ability to integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Common integrations include systems such as your CRM, payment gateways, email marketing tools, and messaging systems.

What features are included in Airteam’s web portal solution?

Many of the standard features you would expect  are baked into our solutions from the start. From there, the options are endless. We can tailor your application to include all the functionality you may require.

How much does Airteam’s web portal software solution cost?

Costs will vary depending on your needs, feature complexity, any custom design requirements, integrations, and other factors. To get a detailed quote, reach out to us via our contact form.

Can you provide support and maintenance services after development?

Yes, we offer ongoing support and maintenance services ensuring regular updates to keep your software running smoothly, and implement any required changes. We are flexible to your needs, so if you need technical support, security updates or feature enhancements, we can be on hand to help.