Ensure digital excellence with our digital assurance services

Partner with us for digital assurance that brings optimal performance and steadfast security.

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Secure your digital presence with our digital assurance services

From the initial stages of support and maintenance to continuous optimisation, we ensure that your digital assets not only meet but exceed current performance and security standards. 

Our service encompasses everything from regular updates and enhancements to performance monitoring and stringent security measures. With Airteam, you get more than maintenance – you get a promise of ongoing excellence and innovation, tailored to keep your digital assets relevant, efficient, and secure in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

What does digital assurance encompass?

Digital assurance at Airteam is a comprehensive service designed to maintain, optimise, and secure your web and app projects. We provide regular updates and enhancements, ensuring that your digital assets remain fresh and responsive. We monitor performance, fine-tune systems, and rigorously safeguard security.

Our Australian-based team is available 24/7, standing by to handle any customer support needs, bug fixing, or disaster recovery. We also adhere to legal compliance and quality assurance standards, offering detailed analytics and reporting.

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Enhance your digital assets with digital assurance

Our ongoing care and optimisation aren't about keeping things static; it's about continuous growth, innovation, and refinement, positioning your digital asset for long-term success.

Maximise uptime and reliability

Reduce downtime and enhance user trust with the help of our vigilant monitoring.

Enhanced security measures

Safeguard your digital platforms against vulnerabilities with our security protocols.

Continuous performance optimisation

Benefit from ongoing optimisations that keep your digital assets running at peak performance.

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Data-driven decision making

Leverage detailed analytics and reporting for insightful decision-making.

Comprehensive compliance management

Ensure your digital solutions meet all legal and regulatory standards to mitigate risk.

Proactive issue resolution

Stay ahead of potential problems with our proactive approach to identifying and fixing issues, ensuring uninterrupted service.

Proven success in digital assurance

Our digital assurance service plays a pivotal role in supporting CSIRO's key digital initiatives. CSIRO compiles key metrics for the Commonwealth. These are used by the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Productivity Commission for decision support. Our digital assurance service ensures this data is always available.

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Why choose Airteam?

Since 2016, Airteam have been crafting software solutions for businesses like yours, from top ASX 100 companies to ambitious startups.

Our Australian-based team, trained and certified by AWS and LUMA, specialises in unravelling complex technical issues into simple, elegant solutions.

With quality and security standards accredited by ISO 27001 and ISO 9001, we stand ready to be your reliable partner, adapting and delivering to ensure your long-term success.

Get digital assurance in just 5 business days

Our digital assurance service is designed to cater to your specific needs. Our structured approach encompasses several key stages, from initial setup to ongoing management, ensuring that your digital assets are not only protected but also continually optimised for peak performance and security.

Additional digital assurance services

Tailor your baseline assurance with our additional packages. Select from services like code maintenance, continuous improvement, security upgrades, and 24/7 support. Our offerings, including DevOps, disaster recovery, compliance, and analytics, are built to fit your specific digital needs, adding value and depth to your assurance plan.

Disaster recovery

Sometimes, despite all precautions, things go wrong. That's when having a robust disaster recovery plan in place comes in. Like a skilled surgeon, we can act swiftly and efficiently to restore health, ensuring minimal downtime and disruption.

Price on application

Analytics and reporting

Knowledge is power, and we provide you with the insights you need to make an informed decision. Like a seasoned detective, we analyse every interaction, every click, every smile or frown of your users, translating them into actionable insights.

From $2,000/month. $10,000 setup.

Code maintenance & bug fixing

Swiftly addressing unwanted behaviours, keeping your software running smoothly.

From $2,100/month

Security assurance

In a world filled with digital pitfalls, security is paramount. We can provide vulnerability scanning, intruder detection, web application firewall and security network operations dashboards. This service proactively alerts about potential risks, as well as working to prevent unwanted incursions.

From $2,000/month

Upgrade to 24/7 incident response

Around-the-clock monitoring and incident response with SLAs to ensure engineer response times, as well as incident reports and recommendations for improvement.

From $6,000/month

Compliance and quality assurance

Knowledge is power, and we provide you with the insights you need to make an informed decision. Like a seasoned detective, we analyse every interaction, every click, every smile or frown of your users, translating them into actionable insights.

Price on application

Continuous improvement

Adapting your software to your ever-changing needs, reflecting our commitment to flexibility and innovation. You set the priorities and we manage the details, working with you to create a roadmap and execute on it. We keep you up to date through regular progress meetings.

From $4,200/month

Dev ops support

Ensuring that everything performs at its best, backed by our promise of quality and consistency. Beyond basic incident response, we maintain code deployment pipelines to AWS lambda, Kubernetes clusters or Docker swarms.

From $2,100/month

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Our approach to digital assurance

Our methodical process is designed to ensure that your digital projects remain not just operational but also ahead of the curve in performance and security. Our support and maintenance are combined with proactive optimisation strategies to help ensure your  long-term digital success. 

Our approach focuses on regular updates, performance tuning, and robust security checks, backed by our commitment to quality and adaptability. This comprehensive care package is tailored to each project, ensuring personalised attention and detail-oriented service.

Let’s build a safer digital future

Thank you for considering Airteam as your partner in innovation. Your vision, coupled with our expertise in software development, design, security, and project management, sets the stage for a remarkable journey. Together, let's safeguard and enhance your digital projects, ensuring they thrive in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Rich & Patrick, Co-CEOs

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