Digital engineering.
Exceptional user experience.

Software engineering & design. Done right.

We are passionate problem solvers in both software engineering and UX design.

Driven by common desire, we are a trusted, safe pair of hands for developing and maintaining mission critical software for many of Australia's leading organisations.

We are particularly known for our work in Healthcare, Education, Financial Services and Government.

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Side by side, together, with you

We’re “pro-co”: we partner with you every step of the way to co-plan, co-design, and co-build to ensure we’re all working towards the best results.

We’re local

Sometimes there’s no substitute for getting together in person. We’re a tight-knit team based in Sydney and we keep things on-site when we can to encourage shared perspectives in our work.

We’re senior, by design

At Airteam we’re all experienced professionals with diverse skills and cultural backgrounds. We learn and grow from each other, and pass that on to you.

Agile Development: Resrodel MVP

Resrodel selects Airteam as their software development partner to deliver an uncommonly large MVP.

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Everyone you’ve had working with us has been a joy to work with… professional, diligent and great at what they do. We know we can always rely on Airteam providing great people.
– Bruce Levine, ACM PMO, Fairfax Media

Organisations we’ve partnered with

We partner with government too

We are an approved supplier on the NSW Government ICT services
scheme and an approved seller on the DTA digital marketplace.

Australian Government
NSW Government Procure Point