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Digital product

Validate before big investment

We ‘get out of the building’ and talk to real customers about product ideas. Unpacking problem spaces, the market and competitors, we can get a real sense if there’s a problem to be solved and if people will pay for your product.

Prototype or functional product

Already started work on your product and looking for a digital product partner? We can work with you at any stage of your product idea - from inception to development and optimisation.

A dedicated product team

Your product will get a multidisciplinary team of experts across design, development and product management to design and build your product. We can be co-located with you or join us at our Sydney CBD studio.

A ‘just enough’ approach

Our toolbox of human centered design methods and agile development practices are used every step of the way - minimising wasted effort and optimising for continious learning. We try not to spend too much valuable time and money writing reports, presos and documents.

Complex challenges welcome

We love to take on complex design and development challenges that others may avoid. We focus on getting to the end result; a tangible, useful and usable end product or service that can be put in people’s hands.

We care about what we make

We want to understand your needs and get a real sense of the problem we are solving. We all want to do meaningful work and pick the best tool for the job. This starts with listening, collaborating and establishing honest and trustworthy relationships so we can all do what we are good at.

Specialist services

Research and insights

We can develop a plan to understand a specific customer sement or understand why a product feature isn’t working. Inviting people in for interviews, usability studies or going out into the field to do observational studies doesn’t have to be a long and costly process. We tailor an aproach that’s right for you.

Experience design

Our design methods are collaborative and include ideation workshops, sketching, card sorting and rapid prototyping. We iterate through ideas, bringing together user needs, business objectives and tech considerations to design valuable experiences.

Development partner

We can build and ship bespoke projects including web applications, native mobile apps, websites, machine learning and complex data-driven applications. We carefully select technologies or long term effectiveness and maintainability.

Team extension

On demand

Hire our UX Designers, UI Designers and Full Stack Developers from 3 days to 3 months at a time. Think of us as an extension to your existing team - a way to expand digital skills and scale up on-demand.

Keep your IP

We pride ourselves on knowledge transfer and ensuring you and your team retain IP when we finish our work. Our playbook, process, tools and digital infrastructure will allow us to get you set for future success long after we’ve gone.

Onsite or remote

We work either on-site at your premises or can operate as a remote team from our Sydney CBD studio to bring your business idea to life.

A consultative and adaptable approach

We recognise that every client is unique. Everyone has different needs, budgets, timelines and definitions of success. By talking through and understanding your needs, we can recommend an approach and activities to deliver desired outcomes.

Working with us starts with getting to know you a little better. We listen. Let’s talk about where you are at with your product ideas, latest technical build or in-house digital team’s needs. Our consultative approach is woven into all our interactions and we care about understanding the full problem, not just doing tasks.

Our design and development process

We follow a defined process that is used by the likes of Google Ventures, Facebook and Uber. We’ve spent many hours reading, studying and understanding these processes to ensure we can take the best of what these successful organisations do and deliver the Airteam product design and development process.

Tools we like

New tools and software services are continuously arriving to market to help us with our work. We strive to keep up to date, learning new tools to help us work better. Here are some of the ones we use currently.












We partner with government too

We are an approved supplier on the NSW Government ICT services scheme and an approved seller on the DTA digital marketplace.

Australian Government
NSW Government Procure Point

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