Custom software design & dev

Airteam is an independent software development house. Our Australian—shored team creates custom software for business and government.

UI & UX Design

Every member of our design team is accredited by The Luma Institute in Human-Centred Design (HCD). This means that we are able to put ourselves in the shoes of your customers, and design your customer experience from their point of view.

Our UX designers, informed by the HCD process, develop a deep understanding of your users needs and situation, using design systems and modern collaborative tools to bring your project to life, whether it be an app design or a responsive web design.

Our idea validation service includes user research and testing of your product in the context of customer scenarios.

Web & App Development

Creating web applications and apps is our bread and butter. In 2010, our CTO Rich Atkinson started an agency in Sydney for Python web development with Django. Piran Digital became one of Sydney's leading Django agencies, until being acquired by Airteam in 2016.

We still maintain a Python and Django core competency, but today we are also known for our front—end development with React, serverless development on Netlify & AWS with node and express, app development and cross-platform app development.

Digital Customer Experience

We have created enterprise class customer experience portals with secure identity and access management (IAM) built around AWS Cognito. We have created single-sign on experiences for our customers to safely share authenticated sessions across a suite of customer-facing portal web applications.

Custom Software Development

Airteam is at heart an independent software development house. Our Australia—based team creates custom software for businesses and government.

We specialise in creating serverless software for web or mobile apps, including API development, expert systems, big data and machine learning.

Cloud Services

As an AWS partner we offer managed cloud hosting, web application migration to the cloud, cloud consulting, web application monitoring as well as cloud-based secure identity and access management.

HAMBS Online Member Services

We offer a white-label Online Members Service (OMS) for HAMBS. Originally developed for The Doctors Health Fund, now available to all Australian private health insurance funds.

Our OMS has been live and serving customers since 2019. It includes person-based identity management allowing multiple family members to have their own individual access to claims and policy information.

We also include endpoints for Apple wallet and Android digital membership cards.

Our favourite tools

Sanity CMS