Building a better way of booking with bespoke health software

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11 Jan 2022
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Pacific Smiles Group were looking to overcome the challenges of costly third-party software. By partnering with us, they were able to streamline operations and optimise their appointment scheduling through our custom-built cloud applications.

Australia’s fastest-growing dentistry group

Pacific Smiles Group is Australia's fastest-growing dentist service organisation, with over 120 dental centres across the country. Pacific Smiles Group provides modern facilities and leading dental equipment, supported by trained staff, allowing dental practitioners to retain clinical autonomy. 

We partnered with Pacific Smiles Group to develop a series of cloud applications to address their needs and provide a better way of booking for their patients.

Costly third-party software solutions weren’t delivering

Pacific Smiles Group were facing challenges with their existing third-party vendor software solutions. These solutions were costly and unable to meet their custom needs during a time of rapid business growth. 

Pacific Smiles Group approached us intending to replace their software and develop a series of cloud applications to address their specific requirements. The key objectives were to streamline operations, achieve cost savings, and gain full control over the customisation and management of their different business entities.

Taking ownership of their software

To address the Pacific Smiles Group’s key challenges, we provided a comprehensive solution using an agile design and development process.

We started off by conducting a review of the existing user flow, and identifying key opportunities for improvement - both visually and functionally. Using this information, we then outlined a new user flow that would help to reduce friction while users were making bookings, making their experience more seamless. We then worked closely with the Pacific Smiles Group team to create and evolve a new and refreshed design for their booking experience.

Our development approach centred around creating a series of cloud applications using a serverless framework. The solution encompassed the development of a new customer-facing website for HBF Dental and the integration of a booking widget and engine with Pacific Smile Group’s practice management software, Dental4Windows.

Leveraging economies of scale for cost savings

By leveraging our expertise in custom software development, we were able to design and build a website that met HBF Dental’s specific requirements, enhancing their online presence and user experience. The booking widget and engine seamlessly integrated with their practice management software, enabling Pacific Smiles Group to optimise appointment scheduling and management across their extensive network of dental practices.

One of the key advantages of our solution was the ability of Pacific Smiles Group to utilise economies of scale by deploying the same solutions across their brand portfolio. This consolidation allowed for cost savings and operational efficiency while maintaining control over the unique needs of each business entity. Additionally, Pacific Smiles Group retained full ownership of the intellectual property, providing them with long-term control and flexibility.

Maintaining control improved operational efficiency

The successful collaboration between Pacific Smiles Group and our team has resulted in transformative outcomes for their dental practice network. They have been able to streamline operations, optimise appointment scheduling, and improve the customer experience through our custom-built cloud applications. 

We are proud of our partnerships with health businesses like Pacific Smiles Group. If you are in the industry and are looking for an innovative solution, we’d love to hear from you. You can reach us at or via our online contact form.