Transforming an idea into an investor-ready platform

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11 Jan 2022
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Flockk, an innovative fintech start-up, partnered with us to transform their invoice marketplace concept into an investor-ready platform. We provided branding, UX design, and prototyping services, helping Flockk refine their idea, establish trust with investors and businesses, and secure funding for their Australian market launch.

Enhancing cash flow for Australian businesses through invoice crowdfunding

Flockk is an innovative fintech start-up in the process of developing an invoice marketplace platform. 

Their platform will empower businesses to list unpaid invoices, enabling them to access immediate cash flow by selling these invoices to investors. Investors can then purchase portions of these invoices, effectively crowdfunding the working capital needs of businesses. This unique approach will help businesses maintain financial stability while providing investors with a stable and trustworthy investment opportunity.

Transforming a vision into an investor-ready solution

Flockk approached us with a promising business concept but needed assistance in transforming their idea into a viable digital platform. Initially lacking a name and established brand identity, Flockk required our expertise to create a brand from the ground up, including crafting a distinctive name and logo. Additionally, Flockk's concept needed refinement and validation.

Leveraging our prior experience in fintech and track record of guiding businesses from concept to launch, Flockk trusted us to guide them through a tightly packed design sprint to gain a deeper understanding of their goals, target audience, and business ideals. This collaborative effort aimed to clarify their concept, refine the user experience, and produce high-fidelity design prototypes, allowing Flockk to visualise and present their platform effectively. 

Additionally, Flockk sought our input on market entry strategies and how best to position their platform for success in the burgeoning invoice financing market.

Creating an investor-ready business, brand, and prototype

Addressing Flockk's multifaceted objectives required a holistic approach including branding, UX design, and prototyping.

We began with a week-long design sprint, aligning visions and understanding Flockk's concept, target users, and competitive landscape. Market research guided our design choices, resulting in various visual styles for Flockk to choose from. 

We focused on the investor's journey while considering businesses' needs and created a distinct brand identity that emphasised trust and reliability. Additionally, we developed an interactive prototype to showcase Flockk's platform functionality, enhancing its appeal to potential investors. 

"It exceeded my expectations. The way that Airteam ran the process made it really easy for us, it was fun and really engaging." - Brad Delamare - Co-founder

This comprehensive approach helped Flockk to refine their concept, visualise their platform's potential, and establish a strong foundation upon which to speak to investors.

From software idea through to investor ready prototype

Our design and prototyping efforts enabled Flockk to transform their concept into a visually appealing, functional platform. They successfully crafted a strong brand identity, solidifying trust and credibility for Flockk in the eyes of potential investors and businesses.

"The prototype enabled us to have prospective conversations with clients and investors. We were able to go out there and speak to clients and investors." - Brad Delamare - Co-founder

The business is now securing the capital to turn their solidified concept into a final product to take to the Australian market.

Have a software idea of your own?

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