Creating AI-driven healthcare solutions for Australians

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11 Jan 2022
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In partnership with Healthdirect, we improved their phone services and user experience by developing a conversational AI bot powered by AI and NLP. Our solution streamlined healthcare service search, enabling users to effortlessly find providers through speech, while relieving the workload on call centre staff.

Healthdirect connects Australians with care services

Healthdirect is a government-owned and not-for-profit organisation that serves as the national health advice service in Australia. Healthdirect operates a range of 24/7 health helplines and offers resources including a symptom checker and a health directory, which lists care services​.

Empowering staff to tackle complex cases

Healthdirect, approached us to simplify their phone services and reduce the workload on their call centre staff. 

Their key challenges were improving the user experience of finding health service providers and reducing the need for skilled staff to answer common medical service questions. 

We set out to enhance the user experience by developing a conversational AI bot that could quickly direct customers to the desired services and relieve their staff to focus on specialised healthcare problems. 

Simplifying healthcare access with artificial intelligence and natural language processing

We addressed Healthdirect's challenges by leveraging our AI and natural language processing expertise. Partnering with their development team, we took an agile approach using the AWS and Google Cloud platforms. 

Our solution involved creating a conversational bot for streamlined healthcare service search. Users could interact with the bot via speech, obtaining responses via speech or SMS. 

Our solution was implemented through the following key methods:

  • Artificial intelligence: We harnessed AI to develop a cutting-edge conversational bot, to improve the healthcare service search experience for users.
  • Natural language processing: Our NLP capabilities enabled accurate understanding and interpretation of user queries, ensuring precise and relevant responses.
  • Blended cloud solution: Initially built using AWS (Lex), we seamlessly transitioned to a blended solution, incorporating the strengths of both AWS and the Google Cloud Platform. This move enhanced voice identification accuracy and performance.
  • Open-source libraries: We leveraged open-source libraries to enhance user voice matching, ensuring a seamless and intuitive interaction between users and the conversational bot.
  • Iterative prototyping: We followed a customer-centric approach, regularly delivering prototyping and proof-of-concept features to gather valuable feedback. This iterative process allowed us to incorporate customer insights into the final release product.

Our solution simplified Healthdirect's phone services, optimised resource allocation, and empowered their staff to focus on specialised healthcare issues.

Streamlining operations through AI-powered efficiency

Upgrading Healthdirect’s phone services and elevating the user experience, resulted in some great outcomes:

Conversational bot for effortless service search

The implementation of a cutting-edge conversational bot empowered users to effortlessly search for medical services by speaking. Results were swiftly delivered through speech or SMS.

Expansion to drive business growth

The initial success of the service paved the way for future expansion, enabling Healthdirect to extend the solution to other areas of their business. 

Seamless transition and personalised interaction

Users had the freedom to opt out of the automated conversation at any time and connect directly with a qualified nurse. This personalised touch ensured that users could seek expert guidance whenever required.

Accurate and intuitive user request handling

Our solution successfully tackled challenges related to accents and user ambiguity regarding times. Advanced AI and NLP technologies ensured precise interpretation of user queries, delivering relevant responses without any confusion.

Streamlined resource utilisation

By deploying our conversational bot, Healthdirect significantly reduced their reliance on highly trained staff to address common medical service questions. This optimisation allowed their staff to focus on more specialised healthcare matters.

These results exemplify the power of AI and NLP. By harnessing the potential of future technologies, businesses can revolutionise their operations, enhance user experiences, and unlock new avenues of growth and efficiency.

Embracing the power of future technology in healthcare

Our partnership with Healthdirect resulted in a solution that improved the experience of finding healthcare providers and opened up their phone services. By leveraging our expertise in AI and NLP, we developed a conversational bot that streamlined service search, reducing the workload on their call centre staff. The success of this project highlights the power of future technology in simplifying processes, enhancing user experiences, and driving efficiency.

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