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How to prepare for a technical interview with Airteam

Laura Zucchetti
September 30, 2022
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Let's get straight to it - you have accepted an invitation for a technical interview and you want to put your best foot forward... here's how.

1. ⌨️ We want to see your code!

We don't do code tests or whiteboard challenges; we love seeing your code. Show us how you have solved a problem. We want to learn about your approach and your decision-making process.

Airteam's first team interview request: we want to see your code.

2. ✅ Professional and side projects are ok

Pick something you can demo and walk us through over a screen share on Zoom. Pick something recent that you can easily discuss and be specific about your contributions.

Airteam's second team interview note: professional and side projects are okay.

3. 💬 Be ready for behavioural interview questions

Expect questions about your current or previous roles that relate to competencies needed for the job. We usually ask questions about communication, teamwork, time management, problem-solving, attention to detail and decision-making.

Airteam's third team interview note: be ready for behavioural interview questions.

4. 🙂 Interview the interviewers

We believe hiring is a two-way street, and we know you are also evaluating us as your potential next employer. We are happy to share more about how we work and life at Airteam!

Airteam's fourth team interview note: interview the interviewers.

5. 🖥️ Get your setup right

Interviews are stressful enough as it is. You don't want to be fighting with software or suffering from a poor internet connection during an interview. Our interviews are done over zoom, as a video call, with screen sharing to talk through your work.

Airteam's fifth team interview note: get your setup right.

And finally, here's our CTO, Rich on dev culture at Airteam

Good luck everyone! Check out our careers page for open positions!

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