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A perspective on medical app development with SMART on FHIR

Rich Atkinson
November 8, 2023
A doctor using telehealth software on her laptop.

At Airteam, we are constantly exploring cutting-edge technologies that can enhance the services we provide to our clients. In the realm of medical app development, one such breakthrough technology is SMART on FHIR. This blog post delves into how SMART on FHIR is revolutionising the creation of medical apps, especially when integrated with leading electronic health record (EHR) systems like Epic and Powerchart.

The power of SMART on FHIR

SMART on FHIR stands as a testament to the efficiency and effectiveness in the medical app development space. It offers seamless integration with EHRs, enabling healthcare providers to utilise real-time data from various sources. This integration ensures that patient data accessed by medical apps is accurate, reliable, and standardised, thus enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Simplifying development processes

One of the key strengths of SMART on FHIR is its ability to simplify the app development process. It provides developers with a plethora of tools and resources, including comprehensive documentation and open-source libraries. This simplifies app creation, allowing rapid development while adhering to industry standards. Additionally, it fosters scalability and flexibility in app development.

Enhanced security and compliance

A crucial aspect of SMART on FHIR is its robust security infrastructure. With in-built authentication and detailed access controls, it ensures compliance with HIPAA regulations, safeguarding patient privacy and data security. This makes it a reliable choice for healthcare organisations and developers in managing sensitive health information.

Integration with EHR systems: Epic and Powerchart

Integrating SMART on FHIR with specific EHR systems, such as Epic and Powerchart, further amplifies its capabilities. For instance, integrating with Epic allows medical apps to access a diverse range of patient data, enhancing the personalisation and efficiency of healthcare delivery. Similarly, coupling SMART on FHIR with Powerchart opens doors to managing patient data across various care settings, making apps more versatile and user-friendly.

A step towards advanced healthcare

Incorporating SMART on FHIR in medical app development, especially when aligned with EHR systems like Epic and Powerchart, marks a significant advancement in healthcare technology. It enables the creation of sophisticated, effective, and personalised medical apps, pivotal in improving patient outcomes. 

We acknowledge the transformative potential of FHIR in revolutionising data interoperability within the healthcare sector, whilst maintaining the integrity and privacy of data. Today, we can resolve numerous challenges using EHR data, challenges that only a few years ago seemed nearly insurmountable.

If you're interested in discussing how SMART on FHIR and EHR integrations can enhance patient care, please feel free to reach out. Let’s collaborate to create innovative solutions that lead the way in healthcare technology. Reach out to us at or via our contact form.

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