Elevating designs and exploring new feature sets in the media space

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11 Jan 2022
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We collaborated with Sonder to enhance their software's design and user experience. We provided comprehensive design solutions, workshops, and feedback sessions, resulting in a revamped and user-centric product. 

The collaboration improved the platform's usability, added innovative features, streamlined communication, and strengthened client relationships.


An innovative solution uncovering the value of businesses’ media assets

Sonder specialises in unlocking the revenue potential of owned media assets. They work with businesses to help them understand and leverage the value of their owned media channels, such as websites, email databases, apps, physical screens, and more.

The media management software (MMS) developed by Sonder allows businesses to quantify and operationalise their media ecosystem. Sonder’s MMS has over $1.4B in annual value under management and is being used to leverage over 2.5B monthly audience impressions.

Elevating software design and improving the user experience

Sonder was looking to enhance their platform’s design and user experience. As a small business collaborating with some of Australia’s largest organisations, Sonder holds a high standard for their software.

Their main goals were to improve the product's visual appeal and usability while retaining its user-friendly nature.

Founding Partner of Sonder, Angus Frazer said “We felt like our product, functionally, did what it needed to do - it was good. But we knew that there was a lot more that it could and should do, and we wanted that experience to be a lot more visually appealing and enjoyable to use.”

Preferring external expertise over expensive in-house hiring, Sonder chose to partner with us, giving them access to a scalable team of experts. Our proven success in delivering similar media analytics design solutions made this a simple decision for the team: “It was about making sure that we were getting top quality in terms of designers. We wanted to see expertise in related fields.”

Delivering a world-class design and the feature sets clients need

Our journey began by getting a comprehensive understanding of Sonder’s unique business context, objectives, user needs, and existing platform. Collaborative workshops and discussions allowed us to gather insights directly from Sonder’s team.

Our team then translated these insights into design concepts which underwent iterative refinement. Regular feedback loops were established, enabling Sonder’s management team to actively participate in shaping the design and allowing their offshore development team to simultaneously implement changes. We communicated regularly with Sonder's development team to ensure that they had real-time access to clarification and discussion while implementing our designs

By embracing a collaborative, feedback-driven approach, Airteam ensured that Sonder's objectives were consistently met. The result was not just a revamped product, but a partnership that empowered Sonder to bring their visions to life as they developed. Angus confirmed, “The feedback we've had from our clients since deploying all those changes has been unanimously positive.”

Client collaboration and feature workshopping

With Sonder’s primary platform being well-received by their client base, the focus shifted to feature requests.

To design these changes, we organised workshops and feedback sessions with Sonder’s end-users. This approach yielded valuable user data, insights, and feature ideas.

By understanding their users’ needs and pain points, we ensured that we designed solutions catered to their exact scenarios, helping to build a truly user-centric product.

Improved user experience, enhanced feature set, and ongoing improvements

Our partnership with Sonder has amplified the value of the already successful media software platform. Our collaborative approach not only enhanced the platform’s user experience but solidified Sonder’s reputation as an innovator in the media solution space.

The result was:

- Holistic user-centric design

- Innovative new feature sets

- Streamlined communication

- Enhanced client relationships

- Time saving, scalable design system 

Today we continue to support Sonder as they innovate and enhance their existing feature set, providing their clients with a world-class media management system.


Ongoing and future collaborations

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