From dropouts to donors: how we improved the online donation journey

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11 Jan 2022
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We helped the Australian Red Cross improve their online donation process increasing the percentage of donors who make a financial contribution. We took a human-centred design approach to redesign the donation process, resulting in fewer dropouts and improved ease of use.

A movement of people, helping Australians act for humanity

The Australian Red Cross is a humanitarian organisation that provides support to those in need both locally and abroad. They offer a wide range of services including emergency preparedness, international aid and development, first aid courses and products, and blood services. Their vision is to be trusted as the leading humanitarian organisation, making a genuine difference in the lives of people and communities.

Increase donations and improve the lives of those in need

The Australian Red Cross approached us to improve the online donor journey, aiming to increase the percentage of donors who commit to and make a financial donation. They wanted to capture insights from multiple sources to identify pain points in the donation process and gain a wider understanding of the benefits of emerging technologies and tools to help deliver a more streamlined donor form experience.

Our solution: put people first

We took a human-centred design approach, capturing data and insights and understanding the mental models and thought processes of donors and potential donors. Our iterative design and usability testing process resulted in a redesigned donation process. Our approach involved ideation, discovery, definition, design, development, and ongoing enhancements and improvements.

What we did:

  • Used human-centred design to develop a solution that encouraged users to donate
  • Conducted user research, ran in-depth interviews, and created user journeys
  • Created conceptual designs and prototypes as proof of concept

The redesigned donation process resulted in fewer dropouts, and donors reported improved ease of use. These improvements led to an increase in the percentage of donors who committed to a financial donation and in many instances increased donations and commitment to more ongoing/regular donations.

Improving the donation journey for the Red Cross was a privilege

We are proud to have helped the Australian Red Cross improve the online donation journey. Supporting the work of one of our country's most successful humanitarian organisations is a great privilege and we are thrilled to have been able to help increase the number of donations their users were willing to make. 

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