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Your healthcare software feature wishlist

Rich Atkinson
November 28, 2023
A doctor using a piece of healthcare software on a laptop next to another doctor.

Healthcare technology is rapidly evolving. Patients expect a seamless, digital-first experience, pushing healthcare providers to adopt advanced technological solutions. At Airteam, we create custom healthcare software that addresses the unique challenges of healthcare businesses, ensuring they keep up with competitor advances and client needs.

The need for innovative features in healthcare software

To remain relevant, embracing technology is essential. Unlike generic off-the-shelf options, custom software offers a solution tailored to the specific needs of each healthcare provider. This adaptability allows providers to integrate innovative features that enhance patient care and streamline operations. 

Innovative features for modern healthcare software

As patient expectations rise and operational efficiency becomes crucial, there is demand for features that differentiate a healthcare provider from its competitors.

1. Enhanced patient management

In the age of digital transformation, patient management has gone beyond mere record-keeping. It is about creating a seamless, integrated experience for patients and healthcare providers.

i. Digital patient intake forms

Gone are the days of lengthy paperwork. With digital intake forms, patients can conveniently provide their medical history, current medications, and other relevant information online or via mobile. Saving time and ensuring that healthcare providers have accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips.

ii. Automated follow-up scheduling

Post-treatment care is crucial. Automated systems can schedule follow-up appointments or reminders, ensuring patients receive consistent care and monitoring. This automation reduces the risk of missed appointments and enhances patient engagement with their health journey.

2. Advanced medical billing & financial management

Financial operations in healthcare can be intricate. With the right software features, these processes can be simplified, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

i. Automated billing process

Manual billing can be prone to errors. An automated system ensures that all services are accurately billed, reducing discrepancies, and ensuring timely revenue collection. It can also integrate with insurance companies, streamlining the claims process.

ii. Online payment options

In today's digital world, patients expect multiple payment options. Secure online payment gateways allow patients to settle their bills conveniently, whether through credit cards, bank transfers, or even mobile payment solutions. This not only enhances the patient experience but also accelerates the payment process for healthcare providers.

3. Comprehensive electronic medical records (EMR)

Electronic Medical Records are the backbone of modern healthcare, ensuring patient data is accessible, accurate, and secure.

i. Integrated charting module

A centralised system is where all patient data, from prescriptions and diagnoses to lab results, is stored. This ensures healthcare providers have a holistic view of a patient's health, leading to better-informed decisions.

ii. AI-enhanced data analysis

With the vast amount of data available, AI can assist in providing real-time medical recommendations. By analysing patient records, AI can suggest potential diagnoses, and treatment plans, or even predict potential health risks.

4. Intelligent scheduling systems

Efficient scheduling systems are vital for both healthcare providers and patients, ensuring that appointments are timely, reducing wait times, and optimising resource allocation.

i. Multi-platform booking

Patients should have the flexibility to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments through various platforms, be it a mobile app, website, or even through a chatbot.

ii. Automated reminders

A system that sends out reminders via email, text, or phone call ensures that patients remember their appointments, reducing the number of no-shows and ensuring that healthcare resources are used optimally.

5. E-prescribing with enhanced safety checks

Prescribing medications is a critical aspect of patient care, and e-prescribing systems ensure accuracy and safety.

i. Medication history integration

Before prescribing, the system cross-references current medications with a patient's history, ensuring no harmful combinations or potential allergic reactions.

ii. Real-time error detection

The system can flag potentially dangerous prescription errors, ensuring that the medication is safe and appropriate for the patient's condition.

6. Hospital management enhancements

Efficient hospital management is pivotal for ensuring smooth operations, optimal resource allocation, and top-tier patient care.

i. Centralised data management

In a hospital setting, quick access to patient records, lab results, and billing information is essential. A centralised system ensures that all departments, from radiology to pharmacy, can access the data they need in real time, promoting collaboration and reducing delays.

ii. Bed tracking systems

Hospital bed availability is a critical metric, especially during peak times or emergencies. Real-time tracking of bed availability ensures that patients are allocated beds promptly, enhancing patient flow and hospital efficiency.

7. Urgent care app integration

With the rise of telemedicine and digital health platforms, integrating urgent care apps can provide immediate care to patients, regardless of their location.

i. 24/7 virtual consultations

Offering patients the ability to consult with healthcare professionals anytime, anywhere, ensures that they receive timely advice, especially in urgent situations.

ii. Secure messaging & file sharing

Healthcare providers and patients need a secure platform to communicate and share medical documents. Encrypted channels ensure that sensitive patient data remains confidential and protected from potential breaches.

8. Healthcare CRM innovations

A robust customer relationship management system tailored for healthcare can significantly enhance patient engagement and streamline various administrative processes.

i. Automated workflow

From patient referrals to billing, an automated workflow ensures that processes are streamlined, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing efficiency.

ii. Patient-centric marketing

With insights derived from patient data, healthcare providers can launch targeted marketing campaigns, offering services or treatments that cater to specific patient needs or demographics.

Additional features to consider when choosing healthcare tech

Some other key wishlist items may include:

The role of custom software development

In the intricate world of healthcare, one-size-fits-all solutions often fall short. Custom software development stands out as the bridge between the unique challenges faced by healthcare institutions and the technological solutions they require.

A medical professional with a patient holding an ipad and apple pen.

Tailored solutions with Airteam

Every healthcare institution has its own set of challenges, goals, and patient demographics. With our deep expertise in custom software development, we craft solutions that are tailored to these unique needs. Whether it's integrating a specific feature or ensuring compatibility with existing systems, we make sure your solution works perfectly for you.

Understanding healthcare software challenges

Beyond just coding, the real essence of custom software development lies in understanding the intricacies of healthcare operations. We delve deep into the specific challenges and requirements of healthcare institutions, ensuring that the developed software not only addresses current needs but is also scalable for future demands.

Custom healthcare software by Airteam

In healthcare, generic solutions often miss the mark. Custom software bridges the gap between unique institutional challenges and technological needs.

Here at Airteam, we have years of experience working with some of Australia’s top healthcare businesses, helping them build software solutions to improve their patient and practice outcomes.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you build a solution that works best for your business, please reach out for a free consultation. You can reach us at or by filling out a form on our contact page.

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