Clinically designed digital learning platform


Rockmelon is a new startup that has set about creating and delivering a complete, structured, clinically designed digital learning platform for the parents of children from ages 0-6 with autism spectrum related learning difficulties

The extra learning activities the parents of children with autism undertake are extremely intensive and require a lot of preparation. Often it is the parents who create the materials for learning, which is ongoing, and extremely time consuming.

Rockmelon seeks to better connect the parents to their support network of carers, therapists, family members and friends using smartphones, tablets and wearable technology. Using software and clinically designed lesson content, parents will no longer need to research, prepare and maintain their own learning activities. Rockmelon will track the child’s developmental progress facilitating feedback to the therapists, and better support for the children and their families.

Ultimately the project will provide a huge time saving, deliver a comprehensive learning programme in the convenience of a specially created software platform. It will also provide a much-needed practical solution to people in remote locations.


Airteam was initially engaged to create a proof of concept prototype and conduct user testing. The client also used the proof of concept to engage with social impact investors in Europe and the US.

After the proof of concept and user testing, we were further engaged to design and develop the first working version of Rockmelon, which is launched to a closed group of about 100 users.

Over a period of 4 months, we designed the UX, UI, and developed a Swift iOS app, and the associated server technologies to compliment the app, manage users, content and educational materials.

During this time, Rockmelon began recruiting their own engineering team, and after the initial app was delivered, we facilitated a smooth handover by providing two senior developers to work under Rockmelon management for a transitional period.


Airteam worked collaboratively with the Rockmelon team, initially via a series of design sprints and later through agile combined UX and development sprints.

The client provided subject matter expertise and a product owner to help drive the focus and decisions around project scope and direction. Airteam provided a team which consisted of iOS and back-end developers, scrum project manager, UX, UI and visual design. The team worked collaboratively and cohesively throughout the project and Airteam designers spent time embedded with the client. The development team was co-located in an office next to the client which provided ease of communication and rapid feedback loops to quickly solve blockers and ask questions as they arose.


The successful completion of the proof of concept phase helped the client secure funding to take the product to the next stage. The client engaged Airteam to design and develop the product with a specific focus on the core elements of the tool. This included onboarding, discovery, team, skills and goals.