Red Cross

Helping improve the online donor journey


The Australian Red Cross wanted to increase the percentage of donors who commit to and make a financial donation once they entered the online donation form. We were called in to help improve the online donor journey flow and ultimately help increase conversion of online donations.


We captured data and insights from multiple sources including on-site analytics to understand what current pain points were in the process. We also ran workshop and stakeholder interview activities to gain a wider understanding of the technology infrastructure and gather requirements from across the organisation.


Armed with data from website analytics we then spent a period of time running in-depth interviews with donors and potential donors to understand their mental model and thought processes towards donating. Off the back of this we quickly moved into a phase of iterative design and usability testing to arrive at a potential design solution.


Through our iterative design and development process we ended up with a solution that was responsive to work across any device, whilst still delivering a great user experience. We were also able to work collaboratively with the Red Cross team along the way and arrive at a solution everyone was happy with and which we believe will start to deliver increased online donation conversions once live. The final form design is currently in development.