Hoyts Cinema

Rethinking the cinema’s digital service


Hoyts cinemas had been receiving ongoing customer complaints about the usefulness and overall shape of their digital services. Earlier in the year the Marketing and IT Services team had engaged a traditional digital agency to design and develop the new website and m-site with little success.


We were called in at the final hour to rescue the project and deliver a new website and m-site following a user-centred design process. These new digital services needed to appease the many customer complaints and meet the requirements of the users, business stakeholders and work within the current technology stack.


We followed an agile design and development approach embedding user feedback sessions throughout the design journey to ensure that we delivered a ’right first time solution’.

This was also the first time the stakeholder team had been through this kind of design and development process, so we had to educate them along the way.


The end result of this project and our approach was extremely rewarding as the team started to see the benefits coming out of using agile design and development.

One of the biggest benefits was the creation of a design asset library that captured all elements needed to develop the future digital services for Hoyts. It allowed developers to pick-up design elements and associated front-end code snippets to use directly as part of the development process. This also allowed the internal Hoyts design team to be equipped with a tool they could continue to update and use for all future digital projects.