Full Stack Developer

Hi, we’re Airteam, Australia’s trusted software development company. We work with clients across Healthcare, Education, Finance, Government and startups. 

We're seeking an experienced Full Stack Developer to join our multidisciplinary team. This is a remote position and can be done from anywhere in Australia.

This role would suit someone with strong back-end programming experience who’s interested and motivated to learn more about AWS. You’ll also be in a supportive team with training opportunities and AWS certifications to grow your skills.

About the position

As a Full Stack Developer, you'll be a strong individual contributor, confidently tackling technical challenges and collaborating within the team. You'll have the independence to lead feature implementations and projects, working with TypeScript, Node.js, serverless principles and Infrastructure as Code (CloudFormation, CDK or ServerlessJS) to build and deploy high-quality software on AWS. Your ability to work autonomously, contribute ideas, and share knowledge will be highly valued.  

With no two days the same - you thrive on variety and new challenges. You will collaborate with a diverse group of clients and differing digital products. 

Experience needed for this role

  • 3+ years of programming experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, React and Node.js. 
  • Hands-on experience with AWS Infrastructure as Code to streamline and optimise our cloud environments to create and deploy AWS cloud infrastructure consistently, reliably and quickly.
  • Experience with CI/CD and agile team processes.
  • Proficiency in version control systems.
  • Testing and debugging skills.
  • Multidisciplinary team and client collaboration experience.
  • Strong communication skills (both technical and non-technical).
  • Effective self-management and attention to detail.
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities.

Essential qualities

  1. 3+ years of professional experience in JavaScript/TypeScript, React and Node.js. 
  2. Experience working with AWS Infrastructure as Code and CI/CD.
  3. A firm grasp of microservices, serverless, DevOps practices, and AWS ECS / Fargate.
  4. An understanding of cloud security and networking.
  5. You are a self-starter and can work within a team to ship high-quality code.

Why you’ll love working at Airteam

  • Location-agnostic and competitive pay.
  • Generous allowances (Laptop, communication, and home office).
  • Flexible working practices.
  • Parent-friendly workplace.
  • Growth opportunities.
  • Mental Health and wellness policies.
  • Connection and belonging within the team.

Information for all applicants

If you have any questions about this role, please email our Head of Crew and Culture.

How to get hired

Our interviews are via Zoom with you and a few Airteamers. We use behavioural-based interview questions to dig into your past skills and experiences. No coding tests and no design challenges!

A mobile and laptop showcasing Airteam’s booking software project for HBF Dental and their AWS Consulting Partner badge.