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Joining Airteam? Here's what to expect...

As our business of over 5 years continues to grow, the need for talented individuals is forever paramount to our future success! Jonny, our Talent Acquisition Researcher, shares some insights across what it’s like to work at Airteam, our culture, remote working and our hiring process.

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Rather than just write about our culture I thought it would be nice to ask some of the crew about what it's like to work at Airteam, here’s what they had to say:

‘Everyone in the company is friendly and sometimes it feels like a group of friends working together. Being within the design team, Jason and Nick have been very supportive and have helped me learn new skills and techniques everyday. It’s also nice to see how comfortable the clients are with Airteam when we are in meetings and the trust they have in the company’ Shirley, UX/UI Designer

‘Airteam has a fantastic culture and a team of enthusiastic and supportive people who are always happy to help each other out. There’s always interesting things to work on and it’s very rewarding seeing how happy our clients are with the results.’ James, Senior Developer

‘Working for Airteam is fun, inclusive and very flexible’ Saharsh, Senior Developer

‘It’s a great and inspiring feeling starting work each day and knowing that you’ll be spending it with a team of passionate and skilled people who care not just about what they’re doing, but why they’re doing it.’ Nick, Head of UX

Building a culture whilst working remotely

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The Airteam crew are diverse, from all walks of life and we are so proud of this fact. We all work remotely around Australia and have done so, extremely effectively, for nearly 2 years, with no plans to change. We also have an office in Sydney which staff are welcome to use if they wish. Our UX’ers are all Sydney based and enjoy team days in the office, especially to kickstart new projects and often to run face-to-face workshops and co-design sessions.

Remote work culture is defined as the digital culture within an organisation which enables employees to stay connected through shared experiences, interests, and priorities. A strong remote work culture gives employees a sense of belonging. At Airteam we have created an open environment using platforms such as Slack, Zoom and KnowYourTeam, not only for work related conversations but personal ones too, be it sharing pics of your family, pets or that sourdough recipe you mastered during the latest lockdown. We provide all employees with laptops (or an allowance if you have your own) which means you are free to be mobile and work from anywhere, even your garden hammock if you have one.

Building strong colleague relationships is critical to the success of our business. You will feel a part of the family from day one. We have a very relaxed way of working, we offer flexible hours to suit our employees, no 9-5 set hours (unless you want them). Above all, and I can personally vouch for this having only joined a few months ago, you will be joining an incredible crew of talented, passionate and supportive individuals that are also the friendliest bunch of people you could work with.

How Airteam can help you grow?

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April, our newest UX’er, was kind enough to share her career path and how Airteam is helping her develop her skills:

‘Since graduating from design school, my career in design has evolved most unexpectedly. Before joining Airteam, I have been a Graphic Designer (not knowing a thing about UX and UI) and eventually finding myself as a UI Designer. I fell in love with UI design because it was different from graphic design while still having that creative process. UI design required a more systematic approach and eye for detail as it had stricter rules and requirements as it had to meet accessibility, users and dev needs. Since joining Airteam, my goal has been to expand my knowledge in the research and understanding phase of HCD. As a visual designer, I spent the least amount of time in the initial stage of HCD and often focused too much time on creating user friendly interface designs. At Airteam, there is a strong emphasis on goal setting and career development, and this has helped me step out of my comfort zone and be comfortable with being unfamiliar and challenged.’

Airteams offers a Learning budget of $2,000 plus two days of personal development every year!

Our recruitment process

The battle for great talent has been heating up and as an independent business, Airteam recognises the importance to act faster to secure the best candidates in the Australian market.

Talented candidates are in high demand and short supply. Most importantly, they do not like to wait. However, the recruitment process just keeps on getting longer and longer for most companies.

I personally experienced a 5 stage recruitment process that took 5 months. The role was exactly what I wanted, I was so excited and full of enthusiasm, that was until stage 4 when I lost interest. Sound familiar?

So what is important to you as an applicant?

  • A detailed, well informed job description
  • An easy ‘to apply’ process
  • If a match, a response within 48 hours and a phone call to discuss the role and your background.
  • A friendly, informative interview using behavioural based questions to get to understand how you approach your work. This followed with up culture meeting with the team
  • And finally an offer followed by reference checks

At Airteam it really is that simple but also very effective.

Fantastic, you’ve accepted our offer!

Laura, our Head of Crew and Culture, and I will welcome you on your first day with a Zoom call to help you set up and settle in. Onboarding is a vital process and enjoyable too as it really helps us get to know each other and it’s all done over a cuppa tea. You will also get to chat to some of the team and from day one you will feel a part of the Airteam family. Your first week will be informative, relaxed and supportive.

We are growing at a nice steady pace and are excited to add more talent to our crew! Come and join us?

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