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Human-centred design plays for your start-up - with Spark Festival

So we just finished hosting an event for this year’s Spark Festival. We wanted to share our wrap up reel showing the highlights of the night.

Over the course of the evening, our UX team introduced our guests to Human-centred design (HCD). Human-centred design is a process that keeps people at the centre of ideas, activities, and outcomes. It aims to make sure that the people with the right knowledge or context are present throughout collaborative work to come up with the right ideas and find the right requirements and solutions to problems.

There are two main focuses to HCD - research, and creation. Research involves understanding the needs of your users or customers and pairing those requirements with your own, or those of your company. Creation is, broadly speaking, the rest of the work - coming up with ideas, designing solutions, and building them.

Cue getting into groups, framing a design challenge and our guests got their hands into some practical methods to really showcase how HCD can be a collaborative problem-solving tool.

We really enjoyed hosting this event and best of all, meeting people who wanted to take HCD back into their own teams and organisations.

Also a big thank you 💙 to Spark Fest, for bringing together such a large and diverse event in the startups and innovation space.

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