Hiring Experiments

by Laura Zucchetti
03 May 20222 min read

We've had some promising feedback on our newly tweaked hiring process!

As a small company hiring can be a tricky think to get right - we want to create a process that is lean and efficient but which is also personal, fair, enjoyable and leads to us making a great hire.

So how to change things without compromising on these qualities?

Well, we've made a few tiny tweaks to the very start of our hiring process... (which really has externalised and sped up what we have been doing manually and brings important content/conversations even more upfront - awesome!)

Before asking you to spend your precious time and effort applying for a job with us... you can listen to our CTO Rich, talk about Developer culture (tech stacks, projects and process), plus you can have a listen to my recording introducing Airteam.

If you like the sound of what you hear, our first step is to ask you some very specific questions related to the role in our newly designed screening questions (which you can see on our job pages, once you hit apply now). We want to hire based on merit, and we find these questions are giving us better information than starting with a CV and trying to zoom in on the important details. Then we move through a phone screen > tech interview > team catchup and that's our end to end process.

You can see these changes on our latest developer roles.

So far people have said they feel more informed, have enjoyed the process and felt more prepared when talking with us. We are glad to remove some of the anxiety that comes with interviews and hiring conversations.

Thanks to everyone who's applied so far and shared feedback with us. We'll continue to test and learn as we try out new ways to make hiring a positive experience for all.

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