A smarter way of working

by Laura Zucchetti
03 May 20223 min read

We’re an outcome focused business. Establishing transparent relationships, built on trust, is at the core of everything we do. Why is this so important for our success and our clients? Because it supports a new way of working with better outcomes for all parties involved.

Being outcome focussed means that our model of working is a bit different from other agencies. Points of difference being around how we scope, plan, price and deliver projects. The interesting and new point for clients is moving to a time and materials agreement instead of a fixed price one.

With this approach we can do away with the tension that comes from reading through a fixed price quote where clients can be left wondering how much fat has been built and with no idea of the actual cost of a project. Many clients have felt the experience of unforeseen costs and overruns. Anything from difficult third party integration challenges to unexpected complexities of a design or development nature. But there is a better way to manage the unknowns.

Transparency and honest conversations

From day one our engagement involves a lot of information sharing. Through getting to know each other, understanding a customers challenges or existing platforms and applying our expertise in digital product, both parties can decide if we’re a good fit and can do great work together. We also start to establish trust through honest conversations about all aspects of the work to be done.

Our early conversations also include open and honest discussions around budget for a project. And this is where it can be a bit tricky for clients. Traditionally, in the agency-client relationship everyone keeps those figures to themselves or they really don't want to reveal it until much later on - usually after a price has been agreed.

Our motivations for understanding the budget from day one is around feasibility, rather than how much we should price a project for. We want to be able to plainly tell you if we think it’s something we can work with you on and if it’s suited to a time and materials approach. Our experience with clients is that they are delighted and enjoy being more in control of the spend and have greater visibility of where their budget is going.

With this also comes the ability to change your mind. As projects unfold and we learn through each sprint of work, together we may decide to change priorities or realise a better way of solving a problem. This is a much more productive way to start a project.

In our model we don’t build in contingency dollars to allow for the unknowns. And we don’t work from a waterfall style plan with fixed activities to achieve a fixed price. Because there’s no room for improvement or learning in that approach.

Our values are built into how we work

Our transparent relationships are built on:

  • A partnership and working together
  • A shared purpose of what we’re all here to do
  • Honest relationships that includes hard to have conversations
  • Timely, accurate and useful communications
  • Being present in person, not just digital

Moving forward

Honesty and transparency builds trust. And we are excited that this is at the heart of what makes our approach work. Specifically how it helps us all to do better work, have happier teams and be more responsive as a collective.

So, talk to us if you want to work that way. We’d love to hear from you.

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