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I’m feeling quite powerless right now.

Solving big challenges that matter is what we like to do at Airteam. But COVID-19 has steamrolled me.

We created Airteam with the vision that businesses exist to help people achieve their goals.

Whilst we don’t yet see a way for Airteam to tackle Covid-19 directly, we have taken every measure we can to protect the safety of our staff and their families.

We were better prepared than many businesses for the sudden shift to remote work, we haven’t had any technical problems. However, I have found the challenges of social distancing to be related to isolation and anxiety.

This is new, and it’s going to get harder. The economic consequences are only beginning to become apparent.

One of our values at Airteam is “Build strong teams”.

As a team, we’ve stayed connected from home offices and kitchen benchtops. We’re meeting each other's pets and children, and seeing the various rooms from where we work.

We’re supporting each other with our smiles, good humour, and maintaining regular social interaction - albeit through our laptops.

Patrick and I are working hard to keep everyone fully employed; we are here and fully committed to supporting our suppliers and our clients. We are “business as usual”, or as close to that as we can, whilst social distancing for safety.

I know you have lots going on right now. If you’d like to stay connected, then I’d be very happy to hear from you.


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